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Welcome to FunCS!

We hope you will enjoy your stay on our GunGame DM server.

from 13 total players

# Wins Player Last seen
#1 12 Kayth
#2 3 mMm
#3 3 Lama
#4 3 Wu
#5 2 Walter18cz
#6 1 Fireman
#7 1 hentai_zeha_
#8 1 neokcs revival
#9 1 Superboiiiii
#10 1 Zmeržlina

Map commands

command description
rtv if enough players rock the vote an immediate mapvote will commence
/nominate nominate a map for the next vote (also for rtv)
/listmaps list all maps in our mapcycle (look in your console)
show name of current/next map
De [FunCS] Competitive 5vs5 | 128 tick
?/? + ? unknown
De [FunCS] Bhop | 128 tick
?/? + ? unknown

General commands

command description
/commands show available gungame commands
/level shows your level, current leader and your wins/score
/leader shows you who is leading
/rank shows your server rank and total wins
/rules shows you the gungame rules
/score shows you the levels of all players
/quake change your quake sound settings